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MultiController E Regulate 230V / ES 974

Item No. 43406

The controller which can be used in innumerable ventilation configurations.

MultiController comes with integrated display and scheduler function with the possibility of 10 shifts per day, 7 days a week.

Multiple preset profiles ensures easy setup of e.g. constant temperature, pressure, flow, CO, humidity etc.

MultiController is equipped with 2 control loops with 0-10V output and relay. Using a micro SD-card the parameters can be copied from one controller to others.

Also the MultiController  can be converted to a 0-100% regulator and a 4-step regulator.

For ModBus and setting parameters please refer to the manual.



Size (HxWxD)

85x85x35 mm


IP 42

Supply Voltage

230 VAC

Max. tolerance of supply


Output Power (W / VA)

1 W

Ambient temperature

0 - 50 °C

Relay Output

5A-AC1, 250V AC NO, 150W/1150VA

0-10V Output Current

10 mA

0-10V Input Impedance

7 kOhm

Communication interface


Manual for MultiController ES 874 & 974
Manual for MultiController 0-100%
Setup Scheduler
Setup 4-step Controller
Setup Compressor Controller
ModBus Parameters for E Regulate
ModBus Parameters for 0-100%
Solution Suggestion - Constant Flow in Clean Rooms

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