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ES 520 Heat regulation. insert - under discontinuance

Item No. 36011

Heat output with integrated pulse/wave train, controlled by potentiometer, 0-5V or 0-10V control signal.

Input for external start/stop switch and fire thermostat.

Equipped with input for K NTC sensor. The board can therefore also be used as an independent heat regulator. In which case the control signal or the potentiometer is the set point.

The product is being discontinued. Only 19 more can be produced.



Size (HxWxD)

220x270x110 mm


IP 00

Supply Voltage

400 VAC


50 Hz

Max. load (Ampere)

16 A

Ambient temperature

0 - 30 °C

0-10V Input Impedance

20 kOhm

Manual for Electrical heating element power modul and regulator ES 520
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HeatControl 3x16E / ES 520 - under discontinuance

Item No. 36010


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