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Hygrostat LS Box 230V / ES 965

Item No. 35055

Hygrostat for mounting in rooms where the operation of the ventilator is regulated in relation to the level of humidity in the room. Supplied in white LS box for wall mounting.

The sensor connects to 230V via a relay switch when the humidity in the room exceeds the setpoint. Operation is indicated by a green light on the front plate. When the humidity in the room has fallen below the setpoint, the ventilator stops. It is possible to invert the function.



Size (HxWxD)

85x85x35 mm


IP 20

Supply Voltage

230 VAC


50 Hz

Max. tolerance of supply

+6% / -10%

Ambient temperature

0 - 40 °C

Measurement Area

20 - 90 %RH

Relay Output

230V 2,5A

Manual for Hygrostat 230V ES 965
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