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Alarm E / ES 1098

Item No. 49144

Alarm E / ES 1098 is an universal alarm with audio and visual alarm signal.

The alarm can be used as a ventilation alarm with an external pressure switch or as alarm for other monitoring control units equipped with a relay or an alarm output.

Alarm E is equipped with a green operating LED, red alarm LEDs and a mute button. Muting the alarm does not affect the visual alarm. Also Alarm E is equipped with a relay / alarm output which ca drive e.g. a secondary alarm lamp.

Battery, tube and hose pipe included.



Size (HxWxD)

122x120x56 mm


IP 53

Supply Voltage

100 - 240 VAC

Alternate Supply

15 - 40 VDC

Ambient temperature

-10 - 50 °C

Relay Output

230V 5A

Sound Level

85 dBA @ 10cm

Manual for Alarm E / ES 1098
No other documents

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