MultiController E Regulate 230V / ES 974

Item No. 43406

MultiController E Regulate 230V IP54 /ES 974

Item No. 43409

MultiController E-Cab Regulate 230V / ES 974 - under discontinuance

Item No. 43426

MultiController E Regulate 24V /ES 874

Item No. 43402

MultiController E Regulate 24V IP54 / ES 874

Item No. 43408

MultiController E-DIN Regulate 24V /ES 874

Item No. 43412

Basic Regulate Temperature / ES 1090

Item No. 44100

Basic Regulate CO2+Temperature / ES 1090

Item No. 44102

Standard Products for Ventilation etc.

Since we started developing and delivering electronic components for ventilation equipment in 1969, both we and the market has evolved.

We are still developing and producing a wide range of standard products for the ventilation business. In addition, we also have developed a range of standard platforms for many other industries.

Finally, we also develop and produce electronic according to specific requirements for our OEM customers.